Not taken today, though I wish. 😉

There is no question I am a fan of technology. We haven’t even begin to see all the benefits that tech can bring to our lives. Social media is great. We are all more connected and more aware of people than ever. New opportunities and conversations that were impossible before are common place now.

That said, there is no replacement for face to face time spent with someone in true conversation. Real connection happens in person unlike what is possible via any technological form of communication. Riding with someone in a car, sitting at a table of a restaurant, kicked back in a living room, over a kitchen table, sitting on a porch, a round of golf, wherever it is, that kind of interaction has no substitute. We all need it.

In our busy lives, we must be intentional about making human connections. Real connections. It is vital.

If you are in leadership, you had better be fostering real relationships with someone or you will burn out and get blindsiding by your own decisions and behavior.

Today gave a me a positive, yet stark reminder of the importance of connections that are built over time and fostered in person.

What do you do to stay connected away from technology?

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