Christian Spam

Got a voice mail this morning from a woman with no connection to our church. In her message, she demands a call back so we can have a conversation about her health issue. She also went on to demand we put her on prayer lists/chains and gave a short lecture why we should. The real problem comes in the obvious sense of entitlement and complete self-importance in her message. We are expected to drop everything because she called. I would be surprised if a few dozen other churches didn’t receive the same call from the same woman.

Daily, we receive mail from groups and people wanting us to take on their agenda. I’m not pointing out promotional material for events or even fund raising letters, though those get interesting sometimes. This is someone with no context and no relationship wanting us to follow them and do things their way. The “best” ones are those shrouded as a “prophetic” word. There is a number of mass “prophecies” that have come across my desk lately. They usually blast the church as full of sin and everyone is going to hell unless we do something they suggest. These come as emails also and once in a while as a phone call.

My “favorite” ones are those individuals/groups trying to book an event/service with us and the email starts out in a way trying to appear that they know me or we have some connection already. A few flat out lie and say something along the lines of, “as you requested,” “from our conversation,” or, “(so and so) said you would be interested in having me/us,” and on it goes. None of which is true.

We can never forget the “God told me”/”It’s God’s will” card that folks love to play.

In short it is SPAM! in the name of God. It’s selfishness wrapped up in a spiritual package.

I think we have more important things to do with our time and effort in the purposes of God than spamming each other or flat out trying to deceive for personal gain in the guise of “working for God.”

That’s my rant for the day.


  1. It is absolutely amazing what people say, act, and believe. It is good for everyone to hear what really happens in the church office and daily lives of Pastors. Most people including people that have been in church a long time have no idea how much “stuff” happens that the church has to handle all of the time.

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