Preparation Shows Value

How good does it make you feel when you show up someplace and it is obvious they were ready for you? Whether it’s a friends house, family, a business meeting, whatever, it is always such a boost when someone took time to prepare for your presence.

I took my wife to a restaurant for our anniversary this last year that hit a home run in this. The table was ready when we arrived, they had rose petals on the table, called us by name, and even had a special dessert ready to celebrate our day. We definitely felt valued.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the time people give us. We also have a responsibility to add value to others. We can do both with preparation. When we ask people to be someplace, things should be ready for them when they arrive. The time should be thought out and put to good use. It causes great frustration when someone arrives and things are obviously in disarray and you are scrambling to get it together. It also makes the person feel like they are not valued.

In my context it is church. With that in mind, leaders, Sunday will be here in 6 days. People will be coming to church. There should be guests there for the first time. Are you ready for them? From the building, to the programs, to the set up, to the message, it all needs to be together in advance.

If we add value to people, they will come back.

Have you experienced any specific times where someone/someplace was or was not ready for you?

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