Safe Relationships

Spent some time with some men yesterday who are as real as you can find. We are all pastors in similar life situations though very different ministry situations. When we get together, there is no real agenda, no one leader, no “expert”, and no pretension. We aren’t there to measure up success or appear to be anything other than who we are. It is iron sharpens iron. It is raw. It is gritty. It is great!

We all need safe relationships. Those where we can be real and they can be real and we learn and grow together. Each one brings something to offer. It’s not just a place to dump yourself out, though it is safe to do so, it is a place to encourage and be encouraged, to give of yourself and receive. It’s also a place to laugh, a lot! We also are willing and free to get in one another’s face if we see an area that is off track. It’s a safe place for all of that.

There is no way to quantify the value of these kinds of relationships.

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