Walking the beach

I have the privilege of being in Virginia Beach this week. My wife is here on business and I am tagging along for some personal retreat time while she works.

This afternoon I walked the beach for a couple of hours. Awesome!

There is little more relaxing than the waves breaking against shore under the bright blue sky and brisk 55 degree temps. We all need time to recharge and “reboot” our brains. The beach isn’t always accessible, but there is always a way and place to accomplish the goal. It’s very easy for us to get jammed up in our thinking, to be so focused on the tasks and routines at hand that we get small-minded and closed in to our lives. Especially as leaders, we need to be able to step back and get a good look at the bigger picture from time to time.

There is something about taking a walk that helps bring clarity, especially when in a scenic setting whether it be a beach, park, forest, etc. Walks alone and walks with someone are both effective. Even if not physically walking side by side. Technology is a wonderful tool.

A friend called me while I was walking this afternoon and we talked through some leadership issues together regarding his context, but much of what we said back and forth applies to things in front of me in my context. It was both of us seeing things from a different angle than before and helping one another process the situations. Big picture surveying from one leader to another. We both needed it.

What are some things outside the ordinary routines you do to “reboot”?

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