Book Review: Go-Givers Sell More

Several months ago I purchased “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann on the recommendation of a friend. I was not disappointed. It was not what I expected in structure or form, it surpassed all expectations. You can read my full review here.

After posting my review, one of the authors, Bob Burg contacted me via my blog and we have had a couple of communications via Twitter since. Early this year, Bob asked me if I would like a pre-release advanced uncorrected proof of their follow-up book, “Go-Givers Sell More“. I gladly accepted. While not stated, I am sure the intent was for me to post a review prior to its release, at least that was my intent. I must apologize to Bob and John for not getting this review posted sooner.

I read the book in one day yesterday. Again, it exceeded my expectations. This is the perfect follow-up to the first book. Perfect because it goes into practical application of the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success given in the first book. Perfect because it can be read, understood, and applied without reading the first (though I highly recommend the two be read back to back). Like “The Go-Giver” this book engages you from start to finish. It is very well written and leaves you challenged and hopeful ready to make a difference in the lives of others.

This book is geared to salespeople and business owners, no question. Yet, there is not a person who has a job, or hope of a job, that cannot learn and grow from the principles suggested and explained in this book. Bob & John speak from substantial experience and include many experiences of others who have also found great personal success (some of it financial) from living these principles.

Without giving away too much, the authors do a masterful job of dealing with the tension of self-interest vs. selflessness. In many things and relationships in life, we tend to look for the win-win situation. Too often, the truth is we are looking for a “you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours” result. This is not a productive way to live. Not to mention it is not God-pleasing. The authors bring a great resolve to this issue landing at a right attitude and perspective.

My context of course is pastoral. The church world often separates itself from sales in particular. The idea that ministry and sales are two sides of the same coin makes many quite uneasy. Regardless of one’s feelings on whether or not this is true, the 5 Laws and their application from this book are absolutely essential in principle to anyone in leadership. Plus, these are very Biblical principles. Add prayer and study of God’s Word to these and you have a life that is in line with the teachings of Jesus. Of course, the financial “sales” side of it does not directly correlate, but the underlying principles absolutely do. This book and it’s predecessor are all about being generous and enhancing the lives of others, and that is quite Godly.

Young people starting out in business, sales, ministry, anything that involves people should read this and begin to live it. They will be far ahead on the right start to a fulfilled and fulfilling (to others) life in and out of their professional contexts. A group living this way will make a significant impact if not change the world.

I remember years ago hearing Zig Ziglar make a statement that in essence says, “Help others achieve their dreams and you can have anything in life you want.” This book gives the practical advice and proper perspective/attitude needed to live that out.


  1. Dear Pastor Shane, Thank you for your amazing and complimentary review of John David Mann’s and my new book. It’s so gratifying to know that, as with the last one, you found this book to be of value and would care enough to share it with your readers. As I read through your review, I could feel only deep gratitude for your very, very kind words. Please know how much you are appreciated!


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