Major in the Minors

As I was studying for this morning’s sermon, I was dong some searches on the web. It is normal to find an unbelievable number of opinions on any subject in a Google search. It is also normal to read individuals getting downright nasty over some of the issues. It’s like an elementary school free-for-all of name calling and personal attacks.

What gets me every time is how wrong this is. So often, the debates are on issues that don’t really matter in the end anyway. They may have some importance and value, but they often don’t match the level of energy, time, and passion that many are putting into them. These minor issues are consuming people. Even those who raise the banner of Christ too often find themselves passionately defending a stance or opinion and showing contempt for others. It doesn’t fit Jesus’ statement that we will be known by our love for one another.

Now, I’m all for a good discussion and exchange of ideas and opinions. I rather enjoy such. These should be respectful and based on the common foundation we have in Christ. God has better for us than to argue semantics, opinion, and philosophy to the point of contentious division. He has called us to spread His love and reality to those who are lost in darkness.

The safest theological ground we have to stand on that allows us to be unified as Christ followers is to live the statement of Paul from 1 Corinthians 2:2 “For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

Together, we can impact people with that as our foundation.

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