Leadership Fails – 3

FAIL #3 – Thinking I had the answers.

This is beyond the typical naive arrogance of young leaders. This is thinking that I could fix problems and be the hero if I was just given the opportunity. It is believing that I had the ability to give the final word on a subject. That there are few situations that I couldn’t resolve if people would just listen.

Terrible, I know.

Not only is it absolute foolishness for anyone to believe that they have these kinds of answers, it is dangerous. Taking a dogmatic approach to the harsh realities and sensitive issues of life can cause great pain and harm to others. Unfortunately so many Christians do just that. The cliches we spout and pat answers we give do little to bring true healing and restoration to people.

No one has all the answers. In fact, many questions have no adequate human answer at all. This is where faith works.

After more than 17 years in ministry, I have more questions without answers. This is by a huge margin, not even close. The more I talk with other leaders who are honest about it, the more true I find this to be.

Life is messy. Sin has wrecked havoc on the human condition. The situations and life circumstances that exist are beyond human understanding and ability to resolve. Only God can work in these.

Faith and walking close to Christ in a growing relationship is not about gaining more answers, it is about gaining more trust that He is big enough for whatever comes along.

Yes, I once believed I had the answers. All I have now are questions and a deeper trust in Christ.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. There are no easy answers or solutions in our human understanding or ability.

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