4 Things I Hope I Never Say…

We all have things that we regret. We also have things that have been said to us that we never want to say to others. Parents especially understand this (“Why? Because I said so, that’s why!”).

Anyway, as I encounter church leaders and people there are some things I have heard that I hope I never say…

“That’s the way we have always done it!”

Of course, I don’t mean this in an explanation way, but as a dogmatic declaration of how something is supposed to be done. The saying goes, “Think the way you always thought and you’ll get what you always got.” This is true in many ways, but in the world we live in, I think it has become that same thinking in an organization will not yield the same results as before, but will actually cause decline. Just ask General Motors.

We must be open to learn and grow in every area, including our methods and tools.

“Wait your turn and pay your dues.”

This is directed at next generation leadership. While this isn’t often said explicitly, it is lived out consistently. Too many have the view that each generation of leaders must wait their turn for power and influence, then once they have it, to hang on as long as possible while the following generation waits their turn. This is neither Biblical nor effective. We need to work together and allow the strengths of each generation to add to the value of the whole. God desires to work across generations, ethnicity, backgrounds, styles, and whatever else we use to classify and separate.

Hopefully, I will never hold on to anything and not give young and promising individuals opportunities to contribute and lead.

“That’s impossible. It will never work!”

First, God said “ALL things are possible.” Second, my favorite quote is from Wayne Cordeiro, “Often the impossible is simply the untried.”

There is no telling how innovations, breakthroughs, answers, life changes that have been lost to someone buying into the idea that something is impossible. At one time it was impossible to fly. At one time it was impossible to go faster than 50 miles per hour. At one time it was impossible to cure disease. At one time it was impossible to do most of what we take for granted daily in our modern technology fueled lives.

We need to use wisdom, of course, but we also need to take risks and attempt the impossible.

“I have arrived.”

As soon as we are finished growing and learning and seeking, we are finished.

None of us will ever arrive at a point where we know everything we need to know, much less know everything. We will never get to a point where we are the foremost expert on anything. There will always be something new to discover, always be someone who can teach us something new. Every day is a new opportunity full of mystery and wonder.

None of us will ever arrive. None of us is or ever will be God.

What about you, what are some thing you hope you never say?

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