Sticks and stones

Yesterday, my daughters were playing with some friends and the inevitable happened, someone said something to hurt someone else’s feelings. There were lots of tears and rash statements of never playing with someone again.

I was reminded of that terrible lie we all learned as children, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Whoever coined that abominable phrase and forced it on us all deserves an atomic wedgie. Sorry, the whole elementary school mindset took over for a moment. 🙂

The truth is known by us all, words do hurt. Often, they hurt worse than any physical injury. Most of the greatest damage to people caused within the church has been by careless or downright cruel words. Yes, there are times when a person is being overly sensitive and too easily offended out of selfishness. There are also times when a person is legitimately confronted and the words are needed to bring correction and healing. Too often, the spoken words that bring injury are just plain wrong.

There is power in our words. Power to build up and power to tear down. We have to choose each day which way our words will go.

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