5 Things I Have Learned/Re-learned This Week

  1. 400 Fifth graders are LOUD!
  2. In leadership, there is a difference between equipping people and developing people. Both have their place, but the difference is significant. Equipping is teaching someone how to get a job done by giving them the skills for the task – this serves the organization. Developing is investing in the person for their own growth – this serves the individual. (from a teleconference with Dan Reiland)
  3. Even after going to the gym for months on a regular schedule, when you take just a couple of days off, it is hard to get back into the routine.
  4. It really is possible to knock someone’s socks off, though they probably won’t survive it. (Bonus lesson) And, two cars colliding head-on at 50 miles an hour does not equal one car hitting a wall at 100 miles an hour. (Thank you Mythbusters)
  5. The average American household uses 120 gallons of water a day: according to the local water plant.

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