It Just Takes One

It doesn’t matter who a person is, how accomplished, how influential, how wealthy, how anything, it just takes one act, one moment to change everything. This can have either positive or negative implications, though, more often than not, the implications are negative. That one moment, one act could be something as small as an overreaction or a moment of uncaring. It could be a really stupid choice. Either way, it can destroy a person’s influence, reputation, even position. Leaders especially have to be careful how they handle situations and frustrations.

I am a highly competitive person. Many of the leaders I know are also highly competitive. This can be funneled and used for motivation and accomplishment. It can also get in the way. One blown moment in a competitive environment can cost a leader greatly. I have experienced this and seen it happen. Too often, it is over a game or some other thing that really doesn’t matter. In some cases, there is no recovery.

Regardless of the frustration, no matter the emotion of the moment, we must have enough control to make sure that our posture, actions, and words do not bring regret or even disqualification of our position. No game, no moment, no anything is worth that cost.

We must keep our eyes focused on the purposes before us and remember that as Christian leaders, our number one priority is to glorify God. We can’t do that flying off the handle or making fools of ourselves over temporal things and situations.

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