4 Ways to Guarantee Failure

There are more for sure, but here are four.

1. Ignore the problems.

The truth is, everyone knows about it anyway and they are waiting to see what the leader is going to do. The problems are not solved by letting them continue. In fact, they usually just get bigger and more out of control until they take over control. The sooner the issue is dealt with, the smaller it is and less impact it has.

2. Try to please everyone

You can’t please people and honor God at the same time. Leading requires courage and strength. At times that means confronting people, making the hard decision, take people a new direction, even remove people from positions. All of these are impossible to do and “keep everyone happy” at the same time.

3. Treat people as tasks

As a leader, we must care about people. Not for what they can do or accomplish and not so we can build our kingdom. No, we must care about the individual. We must see to it that the person grows in who they are and in the purpose that God has set before them. People are not the means to an end, they are the end. They are the purpose, the reason. Yes, we have tasks to accomplish and those involve people, but people are never a task. We have to learn to see the person as valuable child of God. This will change our interactions and the motives as we move forward with our agendas.

4. Wear a mask.

Of course, this is figurative. Leaders are human, everyone knows it. To pretend that we have our stuff together and that life around us is perfect is not just a masquerade, it is a lie. While we must use wisdom in our choice of words and examples, there is no substitute for transparency from the leader. This is not a tool in our arsenal to “move” people with stories. This is a practical way to be. It is honesty and forthrightness. We each struggle. Sharing those struggles puts us in a place to walk life together with those around us and that is an ingredient in the recipe for success.

What are your thoughts? What would you add?

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