Friday Ramblings

  • I’ve been on a blogging break lately. Sometimes, you just gotta. 🙂
  • It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks and will remain so for a couple more weeks as my family prepares for vacation after school lets out in June.
  • The Ohio Assemblies of God held their annual meetings in Dayton last week. Whether it is catching up with old friends or establishing new ones, this is always a great time of connecting with pastors and missionaries. Dan Betzer spoke on Wednesday night at the missions banquet and service. He hit a home run for sure. Dan is so full of wisdom and insight from his years of incredible service.
  • Not sure how many readers watched LOST, but I for one am glad it’s over so I don’t have to hear about it any more.
  • The passive aggressive way so many are “Just saying” can get quite annoying, just saying.
  • Chaperoned my daughter’s 3rd grade field trip to the Columbus Zoo yesterday. It was hot. It was insane. It was loud. I appreciate my cool and quiet office a little more today.
  • Something pretty incredible is about to happen here at Capital City. There is an undercurrent to what God is doing here that gives the sense that we are very near something unlike anything we’ve known before. What an awesome privilege it is to be a part of what God is doing!
  • Look forward to time with some good friends who are coming in from out of town this weekend. Ribs, brats, burgers on the grill! Bring it on!
  • One Prayer starts next week.
  • This video of Cowboy Stadium coming down is pretty amazing. Especially the ability to pan 360*.

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  1. **Love** Dan Betzer. And I think I saw about ten minutes of a Lost episode once. Didn’t get it. And I’m a “Just saying” sayer.

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