Today is Memorial Day. A day of remembrance. So many have given so much that we may enjoy the life and freedoms we have in America. It really doesn’t matter what a person’s politics are or how they feel about the war or military, everyone citizen and resident of America should feel a sense of gratitude for the men and women of the armed forces today. Even if you disagree with war and military action, you have that right to think and speak your mind freely because of others.

America is not perfect. She has her flaws. There are times when our country takes a wrong position. Regardless of any of this, our military personnel past, present, and future deserve honor for standing in harm’s way on our behalf.

Today we remember those who fought and died. Today we honor those who served. Today we thank those who currently wear the uniform.

Here is a video we showed in our services Sunday honoring those who have and continue to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

All gave some. Some gave all.

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