The night before Christmas, graduation, a new job, vacation, a wedding, moving, all of these have one thing in common – they breed anticipation. We get excited, we get nervous, we can’t hardly stand it when there is something right in front of us that we are looking forward to happening. Anticipation is a good thing. It brings us joy. It builds excitement. It motivates. It helps us focus on a goal or direction. There is one down side though. It can cause us to miss out on the now. We must be careful not to be looking forward to something that is ahead with such tunnel vision that we don’t see what is right around us. Flying is a very efficient and (generally) convenient way to travel. It gets us where we are going quickly. But, it misses out on the sites and experiences of a journey on the ground. In life, though, we need to be aware of our immediate surroundings and enjoy the whole journey instead of focusing only on the destination. Otherwise we will miss things taht are invaluable and timeless. We will miss memories and moments of significance. We will miss relationships and lose so much.

Let’s anticipate where we are going, yes, but let us not forget to enjoy the journey and process that gets us there.

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