Add Value

I speak a lot about adding value to others. The more we give of ourselves and build others up, the more fulfilled our own lives become.

Today, I stopped by the drive-thru at White Castle. I know, not healthy etc., but I do like their chicken rings. Anyway, the lady working the drive-thru was an absolute joy. Here she is middle-aged working the day shift of a drive-thru of a fast food restaurant. In human terms she has no incentive to add value to people or her job. Yet, she does. She was full of energy and life. Her smile was genuine and large. She treated the interaction as one that was valuable and worthy of her best. She exceeded every expectation one would have of a fast food drive-thru experience. What is usually a mundane or forgettable experience became something worth mentioning. She added value to the moment.

Every day, in every interaction with another person we have a choice, add value or don’t. The world would be a much better place if we all chose to add value. Encourage. Respect. Listen. Care. Smile. Engage. Give. Make the most of every situation.

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