“Do you have to have it now or can you wait?”

This was asked of me today regarding something I was ready to purchase. I could get one today, but not the one I was looking for, or I can wait a while and get the one I had planned. I am waiting. I’m not very good at waiting.

It’s probably a human trait, but is very much an American characteristic, we don’t like to wait. We want it (whatever “it” is) and we want it right now. Microwave ovens, the internet, cell phones, smart phones, and an abundance of other things are all designed to make something faster for us. As we rush about and strive for the next thing, anything that causes us to wait or slow down is the enemy: stop lights, stop signs, traffic, out of stock, slower speed limits, slow internet connection, etc.

I am reminded today that, often, it is best for us to wait. We need to wait before speak; wait before we react; wait before buy; wait before we judge. Yes, there are times for immediate action. Much of the time though, waiting is the right thing. So many regrets would have been avoided if we waited. Many things would be worked out before becoming an issue if we just wait.

So, here’s to slowing down and being a little less impatient.


  1. HA! I have been at the hospital since 10 last night waiting for my nephew to be born. Weird how we seem to be on the same page with things. Parallel universes??

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