Too many people see prayer as a formal ritual with hops that must be jumped through; too many formulas and models of prayer; too many rules; too much pressure.

Last night, my daughter came to the office with me a couple of hours before church. She wanted to be with daddy. We grabbed some food and sat at my desk eating. She chattered away the whole time. Truth be told, she didn’t say anything profound or life changing important. But it was what was on her mind and heart at the moment and she had the undivided attention of her daddy. So, she talked. I had many other things that could be done in that moment. There were lots of other voices I could listen to, but the one that mattered most was the one sitting across the desk because she is my daughter. It was a joy to hear her speak. It was a joy to give her my attention.

I believe God feels the same way. He is looking forward each day to us pulling up the chair and sitting with our Father chatting away about whatever is on our heart and mind at the moment. It brings Him joy.

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