An update and some items of interest

While I’m taking a break from blogging and plotting out the next several posts, here are some great reads elsewhere to check out:

  • It’s hard for us to get on the same page with God about our future because the future we’re concerned about might not be the future God is living in. Or it is the future God is already living in and therefore has no anxiety over because He’s simultaneously there and every step that it takes to get there. (read the rest at Steven Furtick’s blog here)
  • I have found during my most stressful times it is best if I just stop and focus on who God is…it’s a time when I set my requests aside and just seek HIM… I’ve made a list that helps me when I tend to freak out… (read the list at Perry Noble’s bog here)
  • Everything I’ve ever done is laced with selfish ambition. Why? Because I’m not completely sanctified. If you want to go to the next level of leadership you need to allow God to crucify your selfish ambitions, but that is only half the equation. You also need God to intensify your godly ambitions. (read the rest at Mark Batterson’s blog here)
  • Yes, indeed. Imagine actually doing your work—at work, rather than dragging it home to do in the evenings. (read the rest at Michael Hyatt’s blog here)

There you have it, four great reads for today.

I will be going to Haiti for a quick fact-finding trip in less than two weeks. If I haven’t posted before then, I will blog about the trip and the conditions and on-going relief work that is happening there.

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