Parting thoughts about Haiti

One of our drivers lost his mother and sister in the earthquake. He now cares for his 4 year old niece along with his 8 year old son.

One of the security guards for the Convoy of Hope warehouse rode with us. His daughter was trapped in the rubble of a building that had collapsed. After digging for three days, he found her alive and pulled her out. She is healthy and well.

There are countless stories like these. There are countless stories that are more tragic.

A trip like this leaves one with many more questions than answers. It leaves you aware of the hopelessness of the situation. By faith, I can say that God is bigger than the problems of Haiti. He loves the Haitian people dearly and He can change their nation. With God, it is not hopeless.

To find out more about relief efforts in Haiti as well as around the world, go to

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts.

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