Swinging Loose

Yesterday I was golfing with some friends and we had a fantastic time. The weather was nearly perfect and the course in good shape. In my golf game, I have a bad habit with my driver. I tend to “swing loose” sometimes causing a wild slicing ball flight. For those that don’t play golf, it means the ball goes way right and makes the rest of the hole much harder. When I keep my concentration and swing fully under control, the results are much better.

Maintaining consistency requires discipline and focus.

Much of life is the same way. To have the consistency we need in our daily lives to achieve effectiveness, we must have a commitment to personal discipline and live it out. We must also stay focused on our purpose and the tasks at hand. It is not always easy. There will be times that we look at what’s ahead and think that it would be ok to “swing loose” on this one. We will regret it every time.

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