The Existence of God

A friend who is prepping for an upcoming sermon sent an email out a couple weeks ago asking for the best reason we can give for the existence of God. He even specified that non-Bible answers would be preferable.

Here was my short answer:

If God doesn’t exist, there is no reason for order. Without an outside source, an entity that is bigger and more powerful giving purpose, reason, and direction then all that is left is chaos. If God doesn’t exist, then there is no point to emotion, feelings, order, or kindness. Chaos, and anarchy not only would, but should rule then. There is way too much order and consistency in the physical universe for it to be random or to exist on its own.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What is your best reason for the existence of God?


  1. The 2nd law of Thermodynamics says that (paraphrased) matter left to its self moves to chaos and entropy. The idea that a bunch of primordial goo joined together to create proteins then more and more complex beings and systems goes completely against that.

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