Our attitude and our expectations go hand in hand. One helps shape the other.

The saying goes, “Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right.” Expectations matter. Often, we could easily predict the outcome of a situation in our life simply by looking at our expectations going into it.

Yet another saying we often hear is “expect the worst, and hope for the best.” I think that is an unfortunate saying that misleads us. It is nearly impossible to ever experience the best, when we expect the worst.

Our expectations from the start frame whether or not something will be a success. Most of us would give up quickly if after several dozens attempts at something did not work out. This is because our expectations tell us if it is going to work, it will do so quickly. Yet, imagine making thousands of attempts and not giving up. We have all heard that Thomas Edison did just that. See, he wasn’t the first to try and create the light bulb. Actually, he just invented the design that worked. He didn’t invent the concept. The first bulb was invented over 70 years prior by a man named Humphry Davy. The difference between Edison and the others and why he is credited with it is simple. He had a different expectation. He believed there was a better, more efficient, and more durable way. Instead of seeing each unsuccessful attempt as a failure, he saw it as a success in eliminating what doesn’t work and getting closer to what would.

More in the next post.

In the meantime, jump in, what is one expectation you have for your life?

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