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Disappointment is the result of having one expectation and experiencing a different reality. This can lead us to react in ways that are not healthy.

In the movie, “What Women Want”, Nick Marshall, played by Mel Gibson, is a womanizing jerk at an ad agency who believes he is up for a big promotion. When he meets with his boss, he learns that someone else has been hired, Darcy Maguire, played by Helen Hunt, he goes off the deep end and works to undermine her and take what he thought was rightly his. While the rest of the premise of that movie is out of bounds with reality, the statement of the human condition is right on. We don’t deal well with disappointment or unmet expectations. In fact, we often find someone to blame and react with bitterness and vengeance.

There is a great Biblical example of wrongly placed expectations that led to disappointment found in Luke 24:19-21

The disciples and followers of Jesus, thought the Messiah was supposed to overthrow the government and reestablish the throne of David and Israel as a mighty nation. Their expectations were misplaced. When God’s real plan came about, they couldn’t see it, and got caught up in disappointment, despair, and fear.

Wrong or unmet expectations will bring great distress and disappointment every time.

What has your experience with wrong expectations taught you?

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  1. Andy Stanley in his series iMarriage talks about going into a marriage with desires that later turn into expectations which poorly communicated can turn into disappointment, disappointment then creates an offense. Many times the one that did the disappointing, is not even aware of what they did!
    Somewhere along the line my desire for people turned into an expectation that was never communicated, and when they did not meet those expectations, that lead to my disappointment – and me being mad over the offense that was going on inside of me. One author would call that “The Bait of Satan”.

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