The Details

“These searched for their family records, but they could not find them and so were excluded from the priesthood as unclean.” Nehemiah 7:64

The story of Nehemiah is a favorite among pastors and leaders because of all the great lessons and illustrations that can be found. A friend of mine wrote a blog post recently that got me to thinking about how God views the details, the little things. Look around creation and you can quickly see that God is into details. I did some studying on this and came across the above verse from Nehemiah’s story.

Obviously, God cares that we take care of the details of our lives. He cares that we are faithful and obedient to even the smallest of commands He has given us. At first, it seems harsh to exclude people from the priesthood for something as minute as lack of records, but God was very clear about the keeping of these records in His commands through Moses. When we fail to take care of the little things, we disqualify ourselves from what God has for us in the “bigger” things.

Details are important.

Some would say that “People are most important. We can’t let the details supercede the people.”

This is true. However, if we aren’t taking care of the details then we are not able to minister to people the way God has for us. I am not suggesting the we “major in the minors” at all. We need to keep our perspective and focus on the big picture, of course. The only way the big picture becomes the big picture is when the details come together in the right way to form what we see. The details matter.

What are your thoughts?

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