Every Experience

Last night, I had a great opportunity to talk with one of my daughters about choices.

I was struck during our conversation that every experience we have brings with it a choice. The choice that came to mind is not necessarily the obvious one though. We know that each situation has a set of choices regarding action related to the moment or circumstance. What will we say? How will we respond/react? What will we do? Etc.

There is another choice that comes with every experience it also. What will we do with it? This is different. This is realizing that every experience is an opportunity to learn, to teach, or both. We don’t always look at it this way. Sometimes we just are and miss out. Sometimes we ignore the opportunity. Sometimes we take advantage and never even thought about it.

Regardless of what the experience is, there is something in it that we can learn from. There are also times when in an experience we have opportunity to teach. This goes beyond what we do in the experience. It is what we see as the parallel opportunity coming with that experience.

Last night, I could have approached the situation as it was alone and missed the teaching lesson that was there with my daughter. It would have been easy and, assuredly, it has happened many times before. In that moment, my eyes were open to the potential that was there to turn this one into something more than it appeared at the moment.

May we more often begin to see this. Every experience has within it a choice: learn, grow, teach, encourage alongside it or respond/react to the moment and go on.

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