Here we go

Happy New Year!

My family and I had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. I posted a couple of photos below.

I have spent some time thinking through this blog and the direction it should go this year. It will remain somewhat random at times as it has been. However, I am going to add a couple of elements to it as well. These will be revealed one at a time over the coming weeks. One thing we will do this year is have theme weeks from time to time where there will be several posts on one topic/theme in a short period of time.

I also plan to increase the general frequency in which I post to this blog by posting on different categories on different days. For instance, Thursdays (today) will be technology day. Technology Thursday will encompass the various tools I use regularly in ministry and organization along with interesting finds and new innovations that catch my attention.

Those are just two of the things I have in mind for this year.

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