Know your capacity

Each of us only has so much capacity. It is different for each one, but just as real. Once that capacity is reached, there is only one way to add more, remove something else. The problem is, too many people aren’t intentional with this. When a person doesn’t realize their capacity, they keep adding and adding until hey realize there is a leak and they can’t figure out where the leak is. Truth is, they aren’t leaking, they are hemorrhaging because they are over capacity. Take a glass that is full of water, once that water reaches the rim, if more is added, it will overflow every time. The glass is not wrong or defective or anything else negative, it is just over capacity.

We must each know our capacity and intentionally operate within it. If it is time to add more, the best thing to do is figure out what can be removed first. If we don’t do this deliberately then what ends up being pushed out is likely to the thing or things that should not be. Your capacity might be more than mine, it might be less, either way doesn’t matter. Your capacity is yours. Mine is mine. the key is to know it, live by it and do so intentionally. We will be more effective, less stressed, and have better relationships when we do.

What do you think?

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