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Ever have trouble scheduling a meeting? This seems to be a constant issue. Whenever you deal with groups of people who need to get together, it is a challenge to coordinate everyone’s schedules. It requires a series of emails, phone calls, or various other attempts to make it happen. All of which leads to potential conflicts, miscommunication, someone missing out, and general frustration.

Meetings are a regular part of my life and schedule as a pastor. There are committees, boards, leaders, and other groups that need to get together to plan, discuss, and implement what we are doing.

When I found the online tool Doodle, it made the process of scheduling meetings much more simple.

This is a FREE resource with a paid option.

It is web based, so it works with any device that has access to the internet and a browser. Cross platform is important for us as we have some that use a Mac OS and some that use Windows.

It syncs with Google Calendar.

There are mobile apps available as well.

Doodle can be used without creating an account. This allows you to invite individuals to meetings without requiring them to sign up for a web service they may or may not use again.

Sign up is easy and getting started with your first meeting is also very simple.

After you fill in the details and instructions for your event/meeting, you then choose the options for dates/times you want to give those you are inviting. Due to its integration with Google, it will even show you your calendar and allow to pick the times with your schedule in view. Doodle then places a tentative hold on that time frame in your calendar so you don’t schedule something else in that slot while you wait for the rest of the invitees to respond.

Once you create your event, you can choose to have Doodle send the invite or it will provide you with a link that you may include in an email you send inviting others to your meeting or event.

What I like most about this service is it is easy to use with a simple interface, it tracks responses, it has a comment section for participants, it allows you to track multiple meetings/events at once, and it syncs seamlessly with Google calendar.

There are other event and planning tools available and some offer more features, but I haven’t found one that is as easy to use and simple for quickly setting up a meeting/event and inviting others to join. This resource has removed much of the frustration with scheduling meetings.

Jump in and share your thoughts/experiences with scheduling meetings…

DISCLAIMER: Like most of “Tech Thursday” posts, I have received no remuneration or consideration for my thoughts on this resource. I am not affiliated at all with the creators of Doodle or have any stake in their company. This is simply a resource I use and am passing along that info to help resource others to be more efficient and effective in what they do.

2 thoughts on “Tech Thursday – Doodle

  1. I have used Doodle for several meetings and have to agree with you…it is very easy to use! I prefer to include the link in the invitation e-mail I send instead of having Doodle send the invite. Doodle has been a great time saver for me!

    1. I agree. I prefer to send the email myself using the link also. This allows me to use the email lists already set up within my address book/mail client.

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