Tech Thursday – Apple vs. PC

This is most likely going to turn into a series of posts about computer hardware and the old Mac vs. PC issue.

Again, I have no stake in any technology company (unless my retirement plan invests in some and I just don’t know about it specifically) and I receive no remuneration of any kind for what I post here.

It is no secret that I am a fan of the big white fruit. 🙂 Just see the picture to the right.

That said, we are dual platform here at CapCity. We are about 50/50 with the usage of Mac and Windows based PCs currently. We are shifting more toward the Mac, but will continue to use Windows machines for quite some time I am sure.

I switched to Apple in 1997: reluctantly at first because I didn’t know much about them. My first experience was a used laptop purchased from a co-worker. Since then, we have had several different models of Macs as things have changed and the operating system became more refined.

The thing that has kept me with Apple and has us moving forward with adding more Apple products to what we do here at CapCity is the innovation, stability, and ease of integration among devices. Simply put, for some things, Macs fit the need better. So we use them. However, we do use Windows machines as well. They function well in the roles we have them in. Both have advantages and both have disadvantages. We will explore some of both in the posts to come.

The point of this post is to provide a little background going forward as we begin to breakdown how we use various hardware in our context. Here is some of what we will look at over the next few weeks:

  • Presentation software – what we use for visuals in our gatherings and events
  • Mobile communication among our staff
  • Computerized child check-in system
  • Going paperless

In each of these we will include the Apple/PC issues as well. We will also look at desktop vs laptop vs. tablet.

For now, enjoy drooling over the iPad 2 (available March 11) announced yesterday or the upcoming Motorola Xoom (available the first part of April). You can also check out this article on Mac vs. PC. It is a little over year old, but the principles apply and it is a good and fair assessment. You can also check out this series of articles on choosing between Mac and PC in a church environment. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

Go ahead and jump in, I know you have an opinion… 🙂

One thought on “Tech Thursday – Apple vs. PC

  1. Looking forward to the information ahead. I’m currently going through a technology upgrade and have to say that Windows 7 has gotten my attention. I just bought a new Sony Vaio running W7. The whole platform seems a lot cleaner… and might I say a little Mac-esk. It allows you to stack all of your open apps instead of having them across the bottom of the taskbar, allows you to preview open apps before opening them completely and offers lots of options for personalization – that Windows was previously lacking. Maybe the nerdy guy in the suite is realizing what us PC users really want. But i’m not willing to trade in the pocket protector just yet.

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