Choose this day

It’s funny to me how we let little things affect our moods and outlook. We have an “off” morning where we drop something or feel rushed and we just know the whole day is going to be bad. We wake up to rain and just mope the entire day in gloom. Our favorite team loses and we get in a bad mood and lash out at our family.

The truth is, we each decide every moment what the next is going to be like. We can overcome the little annoyances and aggravations and turn around our mood. It is at the beginning of the day that we decide what the outcome of that day is going to be. It is a mindset. Otherwise we become victims of circumstance.

The Bible tells us to, “choose this day whom you will serve.” This means we get to choose what influences us, guides us, and what outcome it will be. As we are people following God, we have something greater to look to, outside ourselves. We have a Heavenly Father that we can have a real relationship with and who will lead and guide us each step of the way.

What will you and I choose today?

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