Celebrate Potential

Had a good swift kick in the gut yesterday while listening to a sermon podcast during my workout. Simply put, it’s not enough to believe in the potential in our children we must speak it. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routines and efforts to help shape our children and guide them that we can focus too much on the correction and not enough on the dreaming. Out children need to hear us say that we believe in them and their potential for greatness. They need us to speak life and hope into them. If all they hear from us is correction and irritation, we are not setting them up for great things. Yes, we must correct and guide. But, one of the most powerful way to guide another is through positive affirmation and encouragement. Of course, we must punish and deal with negative behavior. But, we must also make sure that is not the bulk or the center of our interaction with our children. As I listened to the sermon, I was reminded of how I have let this area slip in my relationship with my children. They need more words of affirmation. I have great kids! They need to hear me say it more. They need me to verbalize the potential I see in them and the belief that God has amazing plans for their lives. It is something I am working on.

What have you learned this week to improve relationships in your life?

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