Tech Thursday – Survey Monkey

One of the things that is vital to every organization that desires to grow and move forward is feedback. Without feedback it is difficult, at best, to get a good understanding of effectiveness.

As a church, we want every guest to have a significant and memorable experience from the moment they enter the property. The only way to know if we have accomplished that is to ask our guests. While paper surveys are fine and can have value, they rely on getting a guest to fill one out on the spot. This can be intimidating and even hinder the effect we are striving for.

By moving the feedback vehicle online, we allow the guest to give their feedback in their time and in complete anonymity which provides for greater honesty. Using and online service also provides a great place to store and browse responses easily.

The tool we have found that best suits our purposes and needs at the moment is Survey Monkey. It has the most important features:

  • It has a limited free option that is good enough for most uses. (only allowed 10 questions and basic customization options)
  • It has a paid option that allows for scaling and greater customization.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is versatile. (from multiple choice to ratings to text responses and more)
  • It is secure and stable.

When a guest fills out an information card, they receive a gift. Within a couple of days we use the information on the card to send them a note/email of thanks that includes a link to the survey. Once an individual has completed the survey, we can browse their responses individually or look at all responses together to help us find trends that need to be celebrated or fixed as appropriate. You can check out our guest feedback survey by clicking here. (This is a clone of our actual survey to keep from affecting our actual feedback results, so feel free to test it out.)

We have found other uses for Survey Monkey as well. Each of our staff gets a personalized survey yearly to fill out that is used in an evaluation process that helps us keep our staff healthy and unified. Anytime we want feedback from a specific group of people about an idea or event/program, we create a survey and send out the link. This tool also works very well as a preliminary questionnaire assessment for potential new leaders, workers, and staff. The more we use it, the more we find uses for this useful resource: meeting planning, brainstorming, project planning, and on the list can go.