Harsh Reminder

Today, I read the tragic news of another high profile pastor resigning due to a two and a half year affair with his assistant.

He is a husband and a father with young children, which makes this even worse. His wife and children need prayers and support as they walk the days ahead.

All affairs come down to a choice. All can be avoided. When a situation like this happens, it is a harsh reminder to everyone of the consequences and cost to the decisions that lead into it. This pastor had a similar reminder in his life shortly before his affair began as a friend of his got caught in an affair with his assistant. Unfortunately, that harsh reminder didn’t make a difference in this situation.

Let this be a reminder to all of us, guard our thoughts. Sexual sin always starts in the thoughts. This is an area that we can’t allow for any give in our lives. The stakes are too high. While this is true for everyone, leaders need to be especially on guard in this area. It seems that leaders are targeted in this area. No sex is worth losing family, ministry, or credibility over. More importantly, no sex is worth dishonoring God and His call.

The pastor mentioned is in the process of repentance right now. Hopefully, he will follow a good, wise, and directed path toward restoration that takes proper time. He deserves grace as an individual.

However, we still must acknowledge that he messed up huge. Many are affected negatively. A growing church is now reeling in pain. A community has more reason to not trust the church and its leadership. A family is broken.

Let us pray for this man, his family, and that church. Let this be a harsh reminder to us that we must guard our hearts and our minds and keep our eyes focused on the path that God has before us.

Let us remember that no one is immune. A wandering eye and careless thought can lead to a place we don’t want to go and a price we don’t want to pay if we let it carry us there. It is vital that we safeguard our marriage. We do that by full open communication with our spouse. We get help when and where we need it. We admit our weaknesses and guard those areas with the help of someone we trust. We remain aware of the dangers and pitfalls and do what we must to avoid them.

Too much is at stake to get careless or lazy in this area. Too much is at stake to let ourselves become the next one to fall. My heart breaks for that church, that family, and that man tonight.

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