It’s Wednesday

Some call it “hump day” as they look forward to the weekend. A couple of decades ago, the band Loverboy had a song “Working for the Weekend.” Every week I read multiple posts and tweets from different people about how they dread the weekend ending or can’t wait for it to start. For most, Saturday and Sunday mean time off work and/or school. I understand the anticipation.

However, if we are constantly looking for the week to end and can’t wait for a day or days to be over, then we are missing out on what could be right now. Too many people spend too much time regretting the past and fretting about the future. We need to learn from the past, yes. We also need to plan for what will be. We MUST live in the now. If we don’t, great opportunities and significant moments will be missed.

It’s Wednesday, the week is half over. That means we only have a couple of days left to make this week matter. To walk through the doors of possibility. To significantly impact others now. I read a tweet this morning from a college student who recently lost someone, “Still shocked how people can be gone so quickly”. The weekend may hold an exciting event we are looking forward to or it may just be a chance to sleep in, but today is here now and it is full of great possibilities. What will we do?

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