Sunday Wrap, Easter Edition


  • Easter is well documented as THE Sunday for churches. More people come to church than normal and are more open to the Gospel. Not too mention it is the day set aside to celebrate the most important event in human history, the resurrection of Christ.
  • Unfortunately, we had to postpone our Easter Egg Hunt yesterday due to weather conditions. However, our now “After Easter” Egg Hunt will be Saturday, April 30 at 2 pm. It is still scheduled for Winterset Elementary school. This time, if the weather is a problem, we will be able to move it back across the street to our building where we can be nice and dry.
  • Today was an incredible day in so many ways. I have marveled all afternoon at reports coming in via Twitter and Facebook of literally thousands of people giving their hearts to Christ today in services across the country. God is AMAZING!
  • At CapCity, we started with our annual SonRose breakfast. A huge “THANK YOU!” to all the folks who made something for the breakfast today. Everything I tried was very good. A special thanks goes to Jill Harris who put in much effort to make sure everything was ready and Don Rowles for working so tirelessly to make sure everyone was served and things went smoothly. I know others helped out, but I wanted to mention those two specifically for their efforts.
  • The band today knocked it out of the park! We threw a couple of extra things at them and they stepped up BIG! The energy and heart that was displayed was excellent! Not too mention we had the hottest bass player around on stage today! 😉
  • The tech crew also deserves a huge shout! With 4 videos, a new format, extra cues, and precise timing they were hopping today. (Sorry, bad pun). Anyway, they not only handled everything well and with perfect timing, they did so with a last minute crew change. Troy and Dave, THANK YOU!
  • It was great to have our founding pastor, Jim Palmer, with us today along with family. To add to it, his youngest son, Christian, was with us fresh from graduating basic training with the United States Marines this past Thursday! We are proud of you, Christian!
  • We had many 1st and 2nd time guests today! It was an honor to be able to meet several people in the lobby and even hear some great stories of what God is doing!
  • In the past, our church would dip in attendance on Easter due to so many traveling to see family that lives elsewhere. However, today, we saw a 25% increase over our average attendance!
  • As a preacher, there are few sermons as fun to preach as ones on the resurrection. Today was no exception to that. I love proclaiming that the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive! You can listen to the message here.
  • Pastor Brent did a masterful job bringing the service to a close today. If you haven’t gotten a chance to meet he and his wife yet, you are missing out. They are a wonderful couple and tremendous addition to our team.

That’s it for tonight. Have a great week and remember that God still moves stones!