Setting a block schedule

Before we get into each priority, we need to set a couple of things up.

In our effort to set up a schedule that is workable and effective that puts us in control of how we spend our time each week instead of letting each day happen, this “block schedule” will become the base for every week. It is what you will consult before making appointments, saying “yes” or “no” to opportunities, or any other thing not already on the schedule.

At first, it may seem restrictive, but when you implement this and follow-thru with it, you will actually find a freedom and sense of calm that carries through even the busiest seasons. Once this is set, you will know specifically what each day entails and whether or not you are truly available for that extra meeting or event.

Too many people look at their calendar each week and judge availability on their appointments scheduled that week and just see their week like image 1. The problem is, the reality is that their week actually looks like image 2, they just don’t know it yet. What we are going to do is get your schedule to the point that image 2 doesn’t look intimidating, rather it makes sense and helps you make good decisions about your time.

Start with a blank piece of paper and make draw 6 parallel line to create 7 columns. At the top of each column write a day of the week starting with whichever one you view as the first day of your week. (image 3)

As we go through the priorities we are going to assign them to days in order with no times yet. We will add the times in after we work through the priorities. Some things will get an “AM” or “PM” next to them in this step, but no specific times yet.

The next thing to do is determine when you are most effective and most productive in a day. For some it is early morning. Others it is late at night. What is yours? When are you most able to get the “big” stuff done? When are you most creative? Most alert and sharp?

Once you have determined this, write that answer down in the bottom right corner of the page. We will come back to it after we finish going through the priorities.

Next Tuesday, we will start with the first priority, the Sabbath.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
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