Sabbath – a period of rest. As followers of Christ, we also understand that Sabbath includes worship of God and time with His Word.

As we look at priorities and the way we manage our use of time the first category of priority is the Sabbath. (see the other 6 listed here) Over the next several posts, we will be looking at each priority and how to include that in our weekly schedule.

This goes beyond a “day off” each week. A Sabbath is rest for the body, the mind, and the spirit. It is a recharging of the whole being. It is essential. God even commanded it because He knows how much we need a Sabbath. If we don’t do this at the start, it won’t happen. Even when we are intentional and organized, things regularly step in to take the sabbath away and we very easily allow it to happen because what is in front of us seems so urgent in the moment.

For many picking the sabbath day is easy because it is based on work schedule. Others have the luxury of setting their schedule each week. This second group has to be careful though because they are the most likely to not take a day off because it isn’t planned by someone else.

So we set a day aside as our sabbath. As much as is possible this day will include none of our regular work activities. It must be a day to reset. Take that piece of paper with the days of the week from our last post and write SABBATH across your day off (image 1). Mondays work best for me, so that is what you see in the sample image. Not much else will be allowed on this day.

After that we need to understand that sabbath isn’t just a once a week thing. We need a chance daily to feed our spirit and our mind. The next thing we put on our paper is our daily sabbath time. You can call it prayer and Bible study, devotions, God time, whatever is right for you. Write this at the top of each day (image 2).

Again, we aren’t setting times for this or even putting things in chronological order. This is our daily priority list. The first thing we need as priority is our spiritual health and relationship each day. Everything else will stem out of this.

Image 1
Image 2

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