Sunday Thoughts – Mother’s Day Edition

To all the moms – Happy Mother’s Day!

  • We had some technical issues early this morning, but Pastor Brent and the tech crew came through and made it happen!
  • The band sounded great again today. Matt & Van both did a terrific job!
  • We dedicated four sweet little ones today, Chase, Brody, Elliana, Parker. We love baby dedications at CapCity and Pastor Staci adds some really nice little touches for the families.
  • My amazing wife, Elena, brought the Word today! She addressed the issue of women in leadership and speaking in the church. You can hear the message here. While she spoke, she prepared a spinach & sausage quiche that is one of her own original recipes. She used it as an illustration for how important diversity is in the Kingdom of God and how much each individual adds to what God is doing.
  • Several ladies brought in a place setting for their china set and there was a nicely decorated table representing the beauty and variety that comes from the various generations working together for God’s purposes.
  • At the end of the service, every person got a sample of the quiche that Elena was preparing throughout the message. She enlisted several ladies to help cook enough for everyone in attendance. Thank you ladies, it was delicious!
  • Starla honored 4 ladies with a flower basket: the newest mother, the grandmother with the most grandchildren, the aunt with the most nieces & nephews, and Pastor Staci as a mentor to children.
  • It was great to be able to meet so many guests here for the dedications.
  • I received several comments from people today about how friendly and welcoming CapCity is. One lady says she hasn’t come to church in 45 years, but the last couple of weeks she is coming to CapCity because of the warmth and friendliness of the people. Another person who grew up in a pastor’s home remarked that CapCity is the friendliest church she has ever been in. Jesus showed extravagant love and radical hospitality and we strive to do the same. Keep it up CapCity, I am a proud pastor!
  • After service, we took Elena to a seafood restaurant and had a wonderful meal. One of the couples who dedicated their baby this morning was there with their extended family and they shared some excellent cake with us. Thank you Muirs.
  • When we finished our meal, we went straight to the theater and caught the movie “Soul Surfer.” Absolutely incredible. The way they told Bethany’s story was fantastic. I was quite impressed with the class and sincerity with which they portrayed the faith of the Hamilton family. It wasn’t cliche and it wasn’t cheesy. It was real.
  • Looking forward to some time with my wife later this week as we head west for a couple of days.
  • Let me just say that my wife is a woman of God and terrific mother who is setting the right example for our two girls. I love you Elena! Happy Mother’s Day!