Advisory – This is going to be a highly personal post.

The past 36 hours were as unplanned as any in my life. I woke up Tuesday morning with severe pain in my lower chest. After trying to get some things done and “pushing through” and much much debating, I ended up in the ER.
You’ve seen it on TV. Man gets taken into room as it floods with people sticking needles in him, rapid fire questions, hooking wires up, giant x-ray machine being wheeled in, all while a couple of students or interns look on. I lived that. The first concern was my heart naturally and they weren’t messing around. It was chaotic and surreal.
After the initial madness and things calmed down, it was becoming apparent that it wasn’t an issue with my heart. They had me drink the worst tasting thing I have ever had the displeasure of putting into my body and assured me it would ease the pain. It didn’t. For 20 minutes it felt like my tongue was backwards and my taste buds were staging a revolt.
Until they determined what was going on, they didn’t give me any pain medication so as not to “mask” the symptoms. This was not happy news as I lay in excruciating pain worsening by the moment. I have been stabbed, had my hand crushed, broken bones, been in car wrecks, played football, had a no anesthetic surgical procedure performed on my arm, and had the curve literally knocked out of my neck. None of those compared to this.
Next came the ultrasound and we had a winner – gall stones.
Now I could have pain medication! Best news of the day.
Men, I don’t recommend what comes next. My wife was out of town for work, and I hadn’t yet contacted her to tell her I was in the ER. My first text to her was that I was probably about to have surgery. The text was because my phone wouldn’t keep signal long enough to call. After meeting with the surgeon and finding out it would be done right away, I called my wife from the hospital phone. She began her 2+ hour drive home.
Pastor Staci stepped up to take care of my daughters when they got out of school.
After giving more blood and answering the same questions 15 times, I was taken to pre-op where I was given the “good” pain medicine. It was the best I had felt since the day before.
Elena just missed seeing me before I went in for surgery. Sorry honey, I should have called much sooner.
I remember sliding myself on to the surgical table and the nurse asking me questions, though I have no idea what those questions were, I was out.
I woke up some time later to the initial pain gone and a new pain from the four new holes in my abdomen. Apparently, my gall bladder was pretty bad and it was a good thing I was there yesterday.
24 hours later I am home and, thanks to the great staff at Riverside hospital, I am recovering. Plans have change for the next several days. Elena and I were supposed to be getting on a plane to southern California this evening. Again, my apologies honey.
That’s the story. The observations and thoughts will come later.
Thank you for indulging me as I knew this would be the best way to share with those who wanted to know what happened.
Thank you to those who are praying.


  1. What an ordeal… We’re all thankful here that you’re doing better and out of the hospital. Praying this is IT for you! No more health stuff like this ’till old age says differently and even then.. that’s my prayer for you leastways.. See you tomorrow I hope 🙂

  2. We just never know what a day will hold, do we?! So glad you are home and as okay as you can be for the moment. Praying for a quick and as pain free as possible recovery for you!!

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