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This is a continuation of a Tuesday series I am writing on living in control of our calendar using block scheduling. The first post in the series is here.

In light of my week last week, I find it humorous that we are on priority two which happens to be health. I have been mindful of personal health for some time, but after last week, that is stepping up even more.

Several years ago I was on a trip with some men who were quite a bit older than me. Some of them were in fine shape. A couple were not. As I watched these men struggle with the conditions of where we were and with the tasks we were trying to accomplish I took an evaluation of my own life. I understand that genetically we have limited to no control over some things with our bodies. Regardless of those things, though, all of us can do some things to live healthier lives and give ourselves the best chance for continued health and mobility as we age. Since that time, I have lost 50 pounds and am in much better condition. I am by no means a “health nut” and I have a ways to go to reach my goals, but I believe I am moving the right direction and am gaining good ground in this area.

There are so many simple things we can each do to improve our health without going to an extreme that is unsustainable for most of us. You will have to decide for yourself what that level is and what all of it means in your context as it is outside the scope of this series of blog posts.

In the context of priority management in our time, our own physical and emotional health is second to our spiritual health (that post is here). This is not being selfish. In fact, it is unselfish to make sure we are healthy for the sake of our families and to be ready to follow God’s path. Many people are hindered in their ability to live out what God has for them because of the choices they have and continue to make regarding their health. Your spouse and children need a healthy you.

Every year, millions make a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape, lose weight, or some other thing regarding their health. By January 7, most of those resolutions are being ignored. By January 30, only a small few are still on track in any way with their resolution. One of the reasons for this (though not the only for sure) is a failure to make health a priority in their weekly schedule. The only way it happens is to give it a non-negotiable place on your schedule. Once you have determined your health plan and number of days that activity will take place you need to write it into your forming schedule. Again, we are not assigning times yet, just priority and days. I have chosen a gym workout Monday thru Friday. I will change this once in a while based on time of year and life and family timings, but I adjust my block schedule accordingly so that health and exercise is my #2 time priority I set.

Just a quick reminder: higher priority doesn’t mean earlier in day or more time allocated, it is just the order in which something gets onto our schedule.

The next post in this series will deal with our third priority: family.

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