Sunday Night Thoughts

It was another busy and great weekend!

  • Yesterday was our spring work day at the church. THANK YOU! to each of the ones who showed up and worked so hard. One group of guys worked in one of the storage areas building racks for the Suits for Saints program (more on that to come). Pastor Staci had a crew getting things ready for VBS. We had another crew outside pulling weeds and spreading mulch. It was awesome weather and a great time. I got a little sunburned, but not bad and it was so nice to spend a day outside like that.
  • Of course the rapture didn’t happen yesterday. This was NOT a surprise. Unfortunately, many did believe it and are hurting and disillusioned today. I pray they can find peace and receive God’s touch in their hearts.
  • It was great to be back today after my unplanned day off last weekend. In case you missed the story, you can read it here. Thanks again to Pastor Brent for stepping up and bringing a great message last Sunday. We have a fantastic team at CapCity!
  • We wrapped up our “Gray Matter” series today with “How can a just God allow so much injustice?”
    • You can listen to the podcast here.
    • God’s mercy and His justice are not at odds. God has mercy because He is just and He is just because He has mercy.
    • Brian McLaren wrote a great post here that I read part of today. He asks a great question: “Do we fear that God will be excessively merciful or excessively harsh?” This is at the root of both extremes of thought in the church when it comes to God’s mercy and justice. My favorite line is his summary statement: “Beyond that, I have no desire to speculate … only to live my life in harmony with God’s justice and love.”
    • It never gets old when someone makes the decision to follow God and experience His life change.
    • I had some fantastic conversations after service in the lobby today.
  • Our summer intern started this week and he is no stranger to Capital City Church. In fact, he grew up in the church. Justin Palmer will be working with us until he heads back to college in the fall. He will be working with some of our special events coming up as well as working with Elena and our music department.
  • Next week we start the series “Lessons from the Toy Box.” You don’t want to miss this. Each Sunday will bring it’s own surprise. We have been working hard getting things ready and I can’t wait to get into this series. It will be fun! More importantly, I believe that God is going to do great things.
  • This week we announced our First Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party on Wednesday, June 8 at 7 pm. We aren’t sharing any details other than to say you don’t want miss this! If you are a current, past, or potential volunteer at CapCity, you are invited. We have some great things in store plus we will take a couple of minutes to share our plans going forward. The event page is here.
  • Finally, I am PUMPED about Father’s Day! We have a lot in store for that day. On top of honoring Fathers we will have soemthing that every man can enjoy and relate to. Our goal is to have something almost every where you turn. On top of this it is BIKER SUNDAY! The first 100 bikers will receive a free T-shirt. We will have lunch right after the service followed by a blessing of the bikes. We have partnered with Bikers for Christ (their website) and they will be leading the ride that afternoon. I also need to thank AD Farrow Harley Davidson for their partnership. You can find out more here.

That’s it for this Sunday. If God did something great in your life or spoke something specific to you today, I would love to read about it in the comments below.