Tech Thursday

I’ve been writing about technology nearly every Thursday for a few months now choosing topics based on what we use here at CapCity. We are trying out some new tools and things change every day in the world of tech. However, I wanted to take a post to open up to any questions you may have about technology. It can be about how something works, how we do something here, philosophy of use, or something completely random. If I have the answer, I’ll give it, if not, I’ll either find it out or say it’s above my head. Use the comments below to ask away and I may answer it in a blog post or in the comments, whichever is more appropriate. What are your questions?


Anyone…. anyone…. Bueller… Bueller…

2 thoughts on “Tech Thursday

  1. Ok, I bought an iPad 2 the other day and I like it. This is the first Apple product I have ever purchased, so I’m new. You introduced me to Dropbox a while back and now I use it all the time but, I’ve noticed Apple’s Pages product will not save back into Dropbox once a document is edited on the iPad. There are several apps out there that will do this…..edit a document from Dropbox ….then save it back to Dropbox. I know you have been working with an iPad for a while, do use the iPad for editing documents? If so, what do you recommended I do? I’m still figuring this stuff out so, I’d would rather save my document to .doc format.

    Eric Bylaw

    1. Congrats on the iPad 2. Careful, it may open up your world to Mac. 😉
      The app I have found to be best for what you are asking is Documents to Go by Dataviz. You need the “premium” ($16.99) version for full compatibility with DropBox. It allows you to create and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files.

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