I read an article today about some used cars that have actually appreciated in value over the last 6 months. These aren’t classic cars, these are everyday cars that are only a few years old. Why? Because supply is down and new car sales are down. This increases what someone is willing to pay. Amazing, something we learned in school working in everyday life.

Also today, my wife and daughters went to an estate sale. Elena called me asking about a couple of items there to see if they were good deals. She didn’t buy those, but bought plenty other items. The books in the picture to the right were among her “treasure finds”. They are very cool and will make great accent pieces wherever she decides to use them. She made a statement about how she couldn’t believe no one in the family wanted them. Simply, they had no value to the family over whatever amount of money could be obtained in the estate sale. They do have enough value to my wife to pay what she for them.

The world of collectible, antiques, Craig’s list, eBay, etc is fickle and funny. At the end of the day, items only have the amount of value that someone is actually willing to pay, no matter what an “expert” or anyone else says.

Those who have been in church very long have heard that God loves us so much He sent His Son to die on a cross for us. We have extreme value to Him. He created us, then He bought us. The problem is that this can become cliché to us. The truth and the reality within this get lost in our familiarity with it. We can easily lose our sense of value in what Jesus did for us. We can also lose sight of how valuable we are to Him: more than anything else in creation.

You have great value.

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