Weekend Thoughts

It’s Monday and I am sitting on my patio in the cool breeze and sunshine. It is absolutely beautiful outside. I even got a quick 18 holes in this morning. Not a bad way to spend a day off.

Here are some random musings from this weekend…

  • The weather all weekend was great! Perfect temps, blue skies, awesome!
  • VBS is approaching quickly and we had some out on Saturday getting things ready. There is still much to be done and items to be donated. Be sure to stop by the table in the lobby for details or contact Pastor Staci: staci@capitalcitychurch.org
  • Sunday before service was a little chaotic for some reason. We are making changes in the way we do some things and adding some elements, so maybe that accounted for it. Then again, maybe it was just “one of those days.” Whatever it was, no one panicked, they just focused in and made it all happen. We really do have an incredible team of folks making every Sunday happen!
  • Once 10 am rolled around everyone was ready and in place. The band sounded great on Sunday. They have been working really hard on getting the mix together with everything EQ’d right. Their work is paying off as they continue to tweak everything. The tech crew is rolling with the changes and coming along. It’s a lot of work, but it is worth as we move forward.
  • We had a group from Campus Crusade for Christ in the building Sunday morning as they were meeting before heading out on a 6 weeks missions trip to Venezuela. A couple dozen college students rolling suitcases through the lobby after service was great! It’s exciting to see young men and women giving themselves unselfishly to the cause of Christ!
  • I worked for a pastor once that used to say we had our “some are crowd, some are here, some are not.” We did have several on vacation this week and that will continue through the summer, but we still had a good crowd and a number of first and second time guests. We have made an absolute commitment that our quality doesn’t diminish in summer just because people travel. Every Sunday gets our best. So whether we break records high or low through this summer, we are going to experience all that God has for us in His Word and through our gatherings together. One new feature we have to help those vacationing this summer is online giving found here. 😉
  • We continued our series “Lessons from the Toy Box” with Play-Doh®. You can hear the full message with notes here. Just like Play-Doh® we resemble whatever leaves an impression on us. Unlike Play-Doh®, we get to choose what that is.
  • The giant “Play-Doh” cans were great! Pastor Brent found yellow 5 gallon buckets with colorful lids and put the Play-Doh logo on the sides. A number of people asked if they were real cans.
  • Wait until you see what all we have in store for this coming Sunday, June 19!
  • We hosted our first annual volunteer appreciation party this past Wednesday night. You can watch a quick highlight video here. It was a riot! We had a giant bounce house, an inflatable obstacle course, a candy buffet, corn hole, live music, a minute to win it challenge, and lots of fun! Giving our hard working volunteers a night to play and have fun was priceless! The races through the obstacle course were a blast to watch. We only had one casualty, Pastor Staci twisted an ankle, but she is recovering well.
  • This coming Sunday is Father’s Day. It is also Biker Sunday. We will have lunch on the premises right after service, free t-shirts for the first 100 bikers in the door, a gift for every man, and a few other things along the way. You can find out more here. We have been planning and looking forward to this event for some time. If you are in Columbus this weekend, be sure to be at CapCity at 10 am!


Have a great week!