Sunday Thoughts – Father’s Day Edition

Incredible. That is the word that sticks for today.

My daughters are wonderful and it is such a joy to watch them grow. They made today special for me with their smiles, hugs, and words. I am a blessed man. Their mother is raising them well in spite of me. 😉

This Father’s Day was extra for us at CapCity…

  • It was our first ever Biker Sunday!
  • Great turnout! So many people helped spread the word and invited friends, family, and co-workers.
  • The weather was almost perfect. The rain held off until after the ride was over this afternoon.
  • Our crew of folks who prepared the food did and amazing job! It looked good, smelled great, and tasted even better!
  • The band rocked it this morning! Great job.
  • We gave out t-shirts to the bikers, coffee mugs to every guest, laser pointers to every man, and a green army man to every person.
  • We had a motorcycle on stage, 2 corvettes, a four wheeler, and a 1964 Chevy Impala. Thank you to each one that lent us a vehicle.
  • After the service, we had a blessing of the bikes and then a great show as the bikes started up and then headed out on the ride.
  • Bikers for Christ was a fantastic partner in this event. They helped get the word out, brought a great crowd, and organized the ride. They are making a difference among bikers.
  • Today was part four of our “Lessons for the Toy Box” series. The toy today was Army Men. “The success is in the set up.” We had some fun including using the laser pointers in the service, playing with a set up of army men and even a life sized green army man that joined us from the toy box. You can hear the message here.
  • More than the cars, the motorcycles, food, freebies, music, or anything else – today God was glorified and 6 people stepped up and made the decision for life change through Jesus!!!!!!! That NEVER gets old and it is why we do what we do!
  • We had so many good conversations and positive comments and feedback today. This is definitely one of my favorite Sundays yet here at CapCity. I can’t wait to see what we do next!
  • I am loving this Toy Box message series. We wrap it up next week with Legos.
  • The series, “God’s House” starts up in two weeks. We have some fun surprises in store for that one as well.
  • VBS is coming up quick. You’ll start seeing signs of it on stage next week. There are already things happening in the children’s ministry areas and upstairs hallway.

Enjoy the photos…