Sunday Thinking

Today was a different kind of Sunday in a few ways. I do not imply that to be negative, in fact, it was a great day, but it was different.

It started out a little rough as we had a couple of major things to deal with logistically before band practice today that are normally in place by Sunday morning. So it was a hurried and late start. However, the team rose to the occasion and made it happen. We have incredible people in our band and tech crew that just jump in and do what needs to be done. Then they shifted gears and went right into practice and got everything ready for service. They sounded awesome (sick as our summer intern says) in the service as they brought it on every song. Adam belted out “I am Free” this morning, great song. My wife, Elena, is a wonderful leader and really is doing great things with our musicians and singers.

Once everything got going, the hurry and everything faded and it all flowed so well. God is amazing how His Spirit sets the tone and brings peace when we are focused on Him.

Today was our last in the “Lessons from the Toy Box” series. I am going to miss this series, it has been fun.

Pastor Brent brought today’s message “Legos – Connection and Community.” You can hear the entire message here. Some highlights:

  • Building begins with connection.
  • We crave community, it is the very reason God created us.
  • Sin breaks community
  • The Church should be offering authentic community.
  • It has to start with you and with me,
  • We must have authentic community with God in order to offer it to those around us.
  • We don’t have to worry about the future, we just trust God.

There was a tremendous response as people were moved to check their heart and readjust time and connection with God.

We recognized those who made the Biker Sunday such a huge success last week. So many people did so much: cooked, cleaned, provided display vehicles, logistics, advertising, and so much more – THANK YOU. We put together a little video highlighting the day, You may watch it here.

The set for our VBS adventure started going up this weekend. It’s going to be a wild time and a lot of fun! It will be held July 11-15 and you can find more info and register here.

Until next time…