Sunday Night Rambling

I’ll say it again… I LOVE the privilege of being  a part of Capital City Church!!!

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I decided to change part of our summer plans and include a trip to North Carolina for our family. We made the arrangements and changed schedules to make it happen and this past week was our time away. It was awesome! We rented a house with no internet and even the data connection for our phones was less than reliable so we completely unplugged for the week. We were in Lake Lure/Chimney Rock, NC and had a complete blast. We hiked up Chimney Rock, went to Pearson’s Falls, watched fireworks, climbed on rocks in the river, shopped, hung out on the beach, rented a boat for a day on the lake, played games, watched movies, it was a fantastic family getaway! By the way, I have two very incredible daughters along with my amazing wife!

Last Sunday, Kelly kicked off our “God’s House” series with the front door. She did a superb job. You can hear her message and see her notes here.

Our VBS preparation has been on going for weeks now and it all came together yesterday and today as the rooms were finished and the stage completed. It looks incredible! Pastor Staci and her team have knocked it out of the park once again! The kids are going to have a blast this week. We love VBS at CapCity and can’t wait to see what God will do this year!

Here’s a glimpse at the stage to the right.

It was great to be back speaking today.

I must publicly apologize to my wife for the comment I made without thinking regarding her and who has and has not been invited to our house for dinner. I’m not sure what prompted me to believe that what I said was going to go over well, but as soon as I said it, I had one of those “oh crap!” moments where I wanted to jump and grab the words that had just escaped my mouth and reel those bad boys back in. Of course, it was too late. Thankfully, the folks of CapCity are a loving family and we were able to move right past that into what the message was really about.

Today was the backyard patio in our “God’s House” series. You can hear the full message and see the notes here. God really does desire a vibrant growing relationship with each of us. He is the one that knows us best and loves us most.

Once again, the band sounded great. I think they could have sang “Our God” and “From the Inside Out” all day and it would have been just fine with everyone.

It is always such an honor to meet our guests and get a few minutes to speak with them after service each Sunday and today was no exception! One of the families that was at CapCity for the first time commented on how friendly our church is. It is our goal to shower each guest with hospitality and love and that definitely happened for this family! Way to go CapCity!

This evening we also had the tremendous honor of hosting a wedding for a couple that has not been a part of our congregation. I can’t share the story here at this time, but Pastor Staci has been building a friendship with this couple and tonight was able to perform the ceremony in our cafe. It was a beautiful time with this couple and their families. It is always so amazing to see God working in the lives of people and the astounding ways in which He does!

Have a fantastic week!

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