Setting your schedule

Now that our priorities are ordered on our worksheet it is time to start setting the structure. Again, each step of the way may require some adjustment.

We are only working on weekly at the moment. We will set up other regularly schedule events (monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, etc) in the next post.

Of course, if your work schedule is set by someone else, that needs to be put into your calendar first because it is outside of your control.

With the time you do control we start with the first priority, the Sabbath. We have already blocked the day, now add in the times for your daily times in prayer and devotions. In the image below, you can see that my times are adjusted slightly according to each day. I don’t get up as early on Saturdays or my day off.

Next, include your times for personal health. Of course, these very by day and by person. It is all about finding what works for you to maintain consistency. (see image)

Now we add in family time. This includes known sports/activity schedules of your children that are regular as well as general family time.

This takes us to our purpose. Now we add in those things that may be personal or career, but they fit the purpose which we are called to and passionate about. These tings that are “musts” for us to do.

After our purpose items are added, then we add in our weekly meetings.

That leaves us with margin, that extra time we need to catch the unexpected and everything else.

Here is what it looks like…

You can see some times listed for unplanned items with something planned to fill that time if something doesn’t come up. This along with the white spaces provide the margin needed.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the sight of a calendar this full. The truth is, your written/printed calendar might not look this full, but the reality is likely worse. By having this in place, it will help you control your reality a little better and get more accomplished. This also helps us to know what is being set aside when another appointment/event is added in. While this can look overwhelming or restrictive, it is actually quite liberating once it is put into practice.

The next post will bring in the other events that don’t happen weekly.

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